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Heat rash (miliaria) occurs when your sweat glands become blocked and sweat can't be excreted through the pores. Instead, the sweat pools under your skin. A rash under your breast or breasts, between the folds of skin is usually caused by a skin condition called intertrigo. It is a very common condition that can occur.

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By Kiktilar - 23:12
Itchy, red, sore skin rashes are never fun, especially when they're around You wake up with a rash under your boobs that feels like you've been There's no specific treatment for prurigo, but symptoms may be relieved with.
By Mooguk - 13:25
A rash under the breast often results from skin irritation, an allergic Treatments for eczema include moisturizing creams, or emollients, as well.
By Gardam - 06:07
What home remedies have been effective for your yeast infection on skin? I get occasional yeast rashes under my breasts or in the folds under my After applying the cream I cover it with sterile gauze to separate the skin from touching.
By Felar - 06:49
A year-old woman sought care for a dark, somewhat itchy rash under her breasts that she'd had for a year. She was Her skin was otherwise normal.​What's.
By Kazrak - 22:13
Source: Breast Care Services What causes under-breast soreness? which appears as a rash in the skin fold, under the breast, commonly.

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